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We help organisations collaborate by connecting their systems and people, seamlessly and securely.

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Trust is fundamental to collaboration with others. It allows organisations and people to confidently combine their strengths, helping them to work faster and smarter together.

But transferring this online can be challenging. Our defences against virtual intrusion can often impede the legitimate interactions necessary for business to flourish.

Fortunately, there’s no need to compromise on security or productivity. Digital trust enables us to build bridges to our partners; to recognise each other’s people and systems. Authentication can be simplified; business transactions streamlined; and data and applications shared.

Our mission is connecting businesses and people, safely and easily. Our vision is an internet of trust.

how can we help you?

Creating digital trust can be complex. And such projects can be daunting if your team doesn’t hold the relevant skills and experience. That’s where we come in:


Help to nurture ideas at inception

Technical expertise for research, development, and implementation

Development of technical documentation and standards

Advice on project or product strategy

Operational capacity for deployment and delivery


Identity and access management systems

x.509 public key infrastructure and certificates

Network layer technologies such as RADIUS and EAP

Application layer technologies such as SAML, Shibboleth, and Kerberos

Distributed ledger and blockchain technologies


Architectural, technological, and commercial guidance

Addressing data protection requirements (GDPR)

Satisfying compliance and accreditation schemes, such as ISO 27001

Designing governance models for multi-stakeholder trust federations

Working with internet technology standards development organisations

Founded by Josh Howlett, a pioneer and contributor towards internationally renowned trust federations, including eduroam and eduGAIN, we work with organisations – and their partners, providers and customers – to create the trust they need to work together.

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how can we help you?

We are experts

We’ve helped develop trust solutions that are used by thousands of organisations and millions of people across the globe.


Our knowledge of global best practice puts us in the perfect position to find creative solutions for the most complex problems.


We’ll work together with your team to understand the bigger picture and find a solution that fits your business’ needs.


No matter how complicated, we’ll make everything easy to understand, so you can be sure you’re making the right decisions.

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